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That bobcat picture has a road in the background. That means anyone traveling the road can see you as we'll.

Plus, are those fruit trees? If they are, people will see those as an opportunity for food.

With the road you have no concealment. And with the fruit trees you have a target on you. If you lived in the desert I'm sure fewer people would want your cactus.

My 2 cents because you are exposed you may as well look intimidating. Build ramparts with the bobcat. Place some bar wire.

You have people for patrols. I still say some dogs and put warning signs for the dogs.

Do you have snipers to target the road? Put some kind of marker on the road for your snipers to get their ranges. Multiple markers in different colors. Markers can just be a tree or barrel.

You have an excellent hilltop position from the looks of it. And with all that barren looking land that's a field if death to cross. I'd clear some trees though.

Multiple bunkers would be nice. With the bobcat you can built a trench pathway.
Now you have cover to and from.
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