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Originally Posted by Bakersfield_Grizzly View Post
How much land do you control?.....
There are a ton of other things you can do like solar panels, wind powered generator, food storage, team sessions, but I think you are more asking about how to set up an acreage for defense.
1) Approximately 20 acres under direct control. Those 20 acres cover MORE of the land toward the mountains and less land between the homes (recall the map is drawn to scale). When SHTF, assume the entire area marked with homes can be modified/improved.

2) Yes, I'm definitely interested in how to setup the land AND organize the defense.

Now, b/k I do consultative planning and are paid to make guesses, I'm going to make some, what I think, are reasonable assumptions to think about:

> I'm going to go out on a limb and assume each home (8 homes in the immediate area) being able to contribute 1.5 relatively able bodied folks of varying ages with good quality rifles. x 8 homes = 12 shooters with good weapons and a good stock of ammo. That's 12 + the 3 in my group = 15.

> I'm going to assume, since it's a nicer area, that my age distribution is skewed upward in LESS 20-30 something folks with young families, and MORE 40-50-60-somethings with teenagers.

> I'm going to assume, since this is a 4-season area, there are a pair of FRS-type walkies in 1/4 of the homes. So 2-pairs or 4 total + the 2 in my group = 6 + 3 Kenwood VHF's comms (TK2100's) and + 2 Ham receivers (Yaesu VX-6s)

> !!!! SPECIAL DISCOVERY !!!!!: THERE IS A BOBCAT AVAILABLE on the property with a SKID-STEER attachment and 300 gallons of diesel in drums
This is not the actual Bobcat or land...this is a random stock photo to illustrate the type of equipment

Without trying to be gay, here is the SUMMARY of the situation:
> 15 irregulars, ages 14-60.
Assume 3 @ 14-16yo's,
3 @ 20-30's,
2 @ 40's,
7 @ 50-60-early 70's

> Assume 1/4 are good shots, 1/2 are ok shots, the rest beginners.
> Assume 1 (just one) is a crack shot in OK physical condition (assume late 50's, overweight, but in good health, somewhat active - Mr Deer Hunter)
> Assume there is a retired state trooper among the group
> Assume among the shooters, there will be 1 person with EMT experience.

> There will be 1 experienced ER physician among the non-combatants who has mostly industrial accident / knife wound / and a small amount of gunshot experience.

> Each irregular has a good quality RIFLE; 1/2 with b/u weapons (pistols, etc)
1/2 with optics
Assume ammo is plentiful

Assume there is one mil-spec night vision goggle (PVS-type) with a 3rd gen len present within the group.

Also assume, besides the Bobcat
Multiple generators
Multiple trucks
Wood and Metal workshops, lathes, tools tools tools
Gas welding
A few bales of barbed wire fencing
6 FRS walkies
3 VHF walkies
2 Hand-held 5w ham recievers
Trauma kits and basic first aid
10 canisters of white smoke (m-18 type)
multiple 12gauge red marine flares
rudimentary medical operating theater

With your guys' frank input, especially you Steve_in_29, I realize where this needs to go to realistically survive small raider attacks as a group and small community.

With so much ground to cover, in such a large area, with unfavorable conditions (woodland, road access), there needs to be

1) Consolidation of living situations to more defensible locations,
2) Establishment of some kind of basic comm system
3) Training to baseline folks
4) An ATTEMPT to establish some kind of command and control overlay; ie when raiders sighted, mothers and kids to location 1, non-able bodied shooters to location 2, able-bodied shooters A+B+C to location 3, reserve force D+E to location 4, crackshot+F (Mr Deer Hunter & spotter "F" with the NVG) to location 5, etc. All easier to organize after the first night of 'crazy shooting on the other side of the valley'. I do realize that this will be the hardest part of the entire situation.

W/o trying to be gay and not having been in the service, I am realizing this SOUNDS like multiple small unit not 2nd LT....Captain.

Is there some kind of curriculum for small unit leadership? Not necessarily squad level CQB but C&C level. Besides going to WP/NA/AFA/etc....

I am willing to spend to learn.

But beyond this, what can I do in those first few weeks to begin to organize & build defenses/ people/ improve the location?
What is the best way to organize that mix of people?
Who to use to do what? Obviously the retired trooper has a unique skill set. The ER doc as well.
I now have a bobcat, I can dig big trenches & move heavy things.
Woodshop & welder to create spikes.....
Bales of barbed wire.....

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