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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
Here's the deal. You are hunting turkey 10 minutes from my house. If you are setting up at the cache creek wildlife area and working south. YOU WILL have lots of competition. If you go across the highway its all private and most of the turkeys are there for you to drool over. BUT as with all hunting, you never know.

N Fork Cache Creek doesn't open for fishing until late April.

If you hunt out by cowboy camp, you will have less competition but i have never seen a turkey out there and its a staging area for equestrian.

I have never hunted out there in either place but as with any public land, if the locals thought it was worth hunting out there we would. Thats one of the reasons why i want you to ditch the decoys and blind. You WILL need to be able to move quickly around the area to set up and not worry about blinds and decoys.
like most have said....blinds are tough....taper is right about being mobile. It just makes things easier. The good part is you are going on junior weekend which should significantly reduce the crowds.

Everything Taper is telling you is right but it will take a very long time to be successful turkey hunting on public property unless you have incredible luck.

If I wanted to improve my odds as a first timer and just be able to enjoy nature I would try this....

Find where birds are hanging out.....the night prior to the opener...roost the birds.....

This means going out and calling at dusk and finding a bird that gobbles in the roost. DO NOT SPOOK THE BIRD! Get a gobble or two and figure out a general area. Set up as close as you can early in the morning. (Once roosted a bird rarely leaves).

Set up your blind...set up a HEN decoy and do very little calling. Call until you get the bird to gobble and then quit. When he gobbles back trust me he heard you and will come if interested.

Now, there are a million other techniques to get a bird in...things like if he's with hens or if he's gobbling on your call but moving away.....HOWEVER, those situations require understanding of the situation and what the bird is doing in reaction to the call. Many here will probably say try to out call the hen...etc. etc. You're not going to understand or know how to do the end it will probably do far more harm then good.

I've learned more often than just about any type of hunting.....less is more.

So in a your best to find birds...the night before is the absolute best time to locate a bird. Next setup reasonable distance....OH AND I FORGOT....UPHILL...This may piss some people off but whatever.. Turkeys 90% of time go to higher elevations during the day. They like to have a to speak. If I had a choice I'll always pick uphill. They usually fly to a lower point and work their way back uphill. I think it's just easier that way.

I think mobile is great but I truly believe you will do more harm then good by being mobile. It takes a long while to understand run and gun and being successful. Set-up on an A.M. bird and hope for the best. Less is more when it comes to calling. Use the blind if possible because it will hide some movement. No matter what most people say I've never seen someone sit still enough for turkeys until they've F'ed up a few times.

Good luck my friend. Late season I will get you and your daughter out.

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