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Originally Posted by Newbshooter View Post
Well I ordered some stakeout camo and some seat cushions, so I can leave the blind behind if its not working. Im going to scout out the area tommorow any tips on what I should be looking for other than obvious signs of turkeys (prints,fresh droppings) and how to navigate to the first spot I plan on setting up in the dark. Hoping to do some fishing as well while Im up there any tips on fishing in Cache Creek area?
Taperxys probably knows whats up with the fishing. I suck at fishing. If you have a chance checkout Smiths trout farm its just out of middletown. You catch thenm every cast there. Not sure what the bass are doing at the lake.

If its calm at first light you can hear for a long ways and they usualy make some noise on the roost then and when they fly down and hit the ground. Not sure how hot they are up there or if they are going to make a lot of noise right now midday. So early morning to hear them is your best bet.
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