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Silver, I have family that has a large farm in South Africa. You could not be more wrong if you tried. They are nothing but common thieves that attack the weak and or the stupid. They also die wholesale. It is far more common to be attacked in a urban area than the country.

Same thing in Bosnia and surrounding countries. Now the people that were in trouble were the poor people that were attacked by their own government because of their religion. Only when we put a end to it with our military did it stop.

All this supposition about bands of marauders is just that. Any rural area will be defended by the people living there and will make fast work of any incursions into these areas. Remember they are raiding us to get our supplies. It is them that has limited resources and are out of their element.

Early on there will be a huge spike in attacks like you are suggesting. As fuel and transportation and replacement of personal becomes a issue you will see things settle down very quickly. The closer to urban areas the worse things will be.
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