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Originally Posted by russ209 View Post
Hey brother where you hunting at? I've had great success in mariposa county in hunters valley three seasons in a row. I didn't read all the posts on here but I recommend hooks custom calls for your calls. There box call is 20.00 and there assassin bronzed glass call paired with a yellow heart striker is deadly. I think its good to get a gobble call I liketo gobble back at a bird to get him all riled up. As for decoys just get a few of the redhead hen dekes there like 20.00 the and a jake. I have used tom decoys but some younger birds might back down from a tom decoy but never a jake! Take care russ
Well planning on Cache Creek BLM with my 11 year old daughter on the Jr Hunt day. Thanks for the tip on Hunters Valley I'll check it out. Ive got a primos box, slate and mouth calls, also a Crow call since a friend suggested they are good to get a response from turkeys. Thanks for the advice on a gobbler call I was wondering how people use those. I have a hen and jake decoy. I think Im good with gear now all I need is skill and some luck

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