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I went in today and as of 1130 hrs. this morning

Arsenal AK in 7.62 I believe these were the SGL26 with stamped receiver. Not available online. About $1300. Also a couple of Arsenal pistols.

Colt AR Didn't see any Colts, but they still have a 16" Adams Arms Ultra Lite. Also available online. About $1800

AK receivers Nodak Spud AK47 and AK74 receivers. $139 - 150. Also available online. No limit.

DD upper. I only saw an Adams Arms Magpul upper. I don't remember the price.

Frontier Poly lowers. Still there but not available online. $200

.410 AK style shotgun. 2 different Saiga models. I didn't check price.

Magpul 10/20 Pmags FDE, OD Green and black. $35. Not available online.
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