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Originally Posted by Newbshooter View Post
"You have headnets and camo everything?"

Good question. I have Cammo everything but plain green army pants does it matter if I am using a pop up blind?
I wouldnt limit myself to just the blind. Maybe you can hear one 400 or 500 yards away gobbling all day and he wont come. You mite want to try and sneak to within 70 or 80 yards and call to bring him in. Or you mite get tired of sitting in that thing and want to stretch your legs. With the blind you are only going to be able to call to one small area. You could hike around and call into 50 areas the same size in a day which would increase your odds of killing one 50 times.

I think blinds are great if you know where birds are and nobody else is hunting them. But i just dont know about public land its tough.

The green pants should be fine.
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