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Originally Posted by Exocet5 View Post
Note: The map is pretty much drawn to scale. I.e. the river really is about that much distance from the road/ property/ mountains, etc.
Let's assume a poor disheveled but attractive woman with maybe a little kid or two offered to help with the chores in exchange for room and board. Since others have bellyached about "loosing one's humanity" etc etc, your tribe took her on as a laborer. Now she has intel on the place with the red "x". She slips away one day..and tells her tribe. They send scouts into the area, silently. If I were one of those scouts, I'd move through the forested area and recon the area from the treeline. I might take that road that goes to the back of the property. Were I to attack, I might split my forces between the woods upslope from the "red x" and possibly the road in.

When I used to skulk around places as a kid, I never walked on roads. I went cross country, through swamps, across shallow spots in creeks, through clear cuts, through old growth forest, through thickets of saplings etc etc. If I wanted to check out a property, I'd approach from the rear, never the road in front. I'd say you've a backdoor that might be hard to secure.
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