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Originally Posted by CRTguns View Post
So... who's slowed down for the ammo's sake? I've started shooting nothing but rimfire unless i absolutely have to play centerfire. I've even organized and run regular bi monthly .22 steel matches and have great turnout... seems lots of others are thinking this way.

So, how long till there's no more 3 gun matches. USPSA matches with 1 or 2 stages?

Or all we all getting by on hope that ammo and powder and primers and bullets will come back someday?
Wish i had the time i used to have for live fire practice. Just can't make it out during the week anymore.

Based on how many matches i shoot a month (3 or 4 usually and 1 or 2 sat practices a month) i have enough components to last 4 to 5 years at my current rate of usage. 3 to 4 years if i can start making time to practice during the week.

Yes.....stocked up pretty good over the last year and especially at the end of 2012.

Various 1911s.
Some revolvers.
Some rifles.
Back to owning some of those "polymer" guns.

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