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Just heard about this one this morning. My Dad was holding out on me!
I'm going to leave it alone. We have a lot of Swiss rifles and I really don't want to re-sell something that you guys want in a group buy, not to mention that my time is extremely limited for another month or so.

Andrew Zink. He's the seller and my Family has known him for a long time now. He's a dead straight arrow and a true stand-up guy. He also happnes to be our long time Swiss Products Distributor in Switzerland.

Is it a good deal? It's an excellent deal, and I can tell you that Andrew doesn't misrepresent anything at all. He's not a kid and has been in the business for a very long time.

Hope you guys get them all. BTW, my Son Julian took 3rd in his first Moto last night and 4th in the second at the ArenaCross. He was racing against much more experienced 8 year olds. Julian is 6 and rides a Cobra 50
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