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For those who havent figured this out yet you need to have 2 years supply at all times no matter what. I dont buy what I need for a few matches I buy as much as I can afford as often as I can afford. If I end up with extra its never really extra in a time of need.

Everyone knew this would happen again if the idiot got back in office. Nobody knew it would happen because of recent events but I prepared simply based on the election. Purchased half what I wanted before election and when the idiot got in the other half the next day. I am sitting on about 3 years worth of stuff right now. My problem was not expecting bullets to be gone so that is my weak link right now. But luckily with some smooth talking I scored 16k more 230grn FMJ. As soon as stock catches up I will buy 10k more and it wont be because I need them right now it will be to have extra.

I hope everyone learned from this and will be doing the same.
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