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Originally Posted by penguin0123 View Post
To clarify, I'm tentatively in for one K11 Carbine, one 96/11. Depending on the condition, I might also pick up an 1889 rifle.
Alright. Well, at this point, I'm just looking at initial interest. We'll have to discuss the details of this further once we've got more folks. As it is, my father (A C&R Holder) in Carmichael thinks he could store the guns at his Auto Shop without too much trouble when the time came. We could process them out of there or something.

The seller seems to be putting the lot back up consistently... unless someone suddenly jumps upon it... I think we've got a good chunk of time to figure things out. Suppose Jan 1 of next year would be something of a Maximum deadline... what with Long Gun Registration on the books, bleh.

P.S. Chucko, I'm adding you to the "Interested" List.
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