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Originally Posted by Guisan View Post
I know the seller well (and so does Latigo), keep in mind that these rifles all come from private Swiss households where they have been for many years, they do not come straight from the army.
The seller is not test firing all these, what he does is a visual inspection and dry-firing to see if it functions, still a striker spring can be worn or a striker pin broken but that is all easy to solve.
During (rough) transport the trigger assembly can get loose but that is only a matter of pushing it back into it's seat.
Interesting, I kinda figured that's where these were coming from, Private Owners and such who'd taken their "Issued" weapons on as their own or the like. My 1889 is "Private" marked if I recall...

This Seller is a reputable guy? Sounds like that's about as good a condition as you could expect. We'd have to get them here and really check them out for safety and functionality, test fire them and all, I imagine.

As for a group plan of action... I think my Father and I would be in... We could definitely use a 1911 Long Rifle and an 1896/11 to fill in our Swiss collection a bit more. Another K11 wouldn't be bad either...

Alright, let's figure this out...

In for a Group Collaboration:
CEDaytonaRydr (?)
Paulie Lugnuts (Dad!)
Airman Skitters

We definitely need a few more folks... we need to figure out who we could to go through for Importation... as CEDaytonaRydr pointed out... there were some reviews on the Seller's GB page that indicated the Importer he used was... less than ideal. We also need to figure out where these guns would go and how we would store them and deal with them... and what exactly we'd do with them after we acquired them. I don't think we can legally sell the leftovers in any great numbers after we've all had our chance to pick through them and find our individual cuts of the cake... so... any ideas here? Any at all? On anything from Importer to handling and eventually selling what we don't take?

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