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you experienced what I went through at a 55K square foot plant I worked in. Air system took a dive. old compressors could not keep up with demand.
We had a great professionally installed plumbing system for the air the problem was they reused the old compressors from the old building and the old refrigerated dryer, Worked great for about two years then went south.

Solution was buy a lager compressor 30HP hydrovane, install a 250 gallon air receiver, install a cycling refrigerated air dryer with the coalesing filter and water trap. Then go in on a Saturday cut open the system in the building and drain the water out.

Once water is in your plumbing its near impossible to get out. A home system is an easy fix. Drain the tank and hose. but if you have a shop and permanently installed pipes good luck.

I still believe the OP issue in the regulator on the system. 1-2 seconds of air is the hose capacity.
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The above statement i consider a term of endearment
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