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I was hell bent on putting glass on my M1A and was able to find one after weeks of searching, and watching Nikon delivery deadlines pass by. I missed the Nikon promo on this scope but got a pretty good deal so I sat it on a Sadlak Airborne mount.

This was my first real scope; now I see the "chainlink" comment and agree Nikon should stick with the standard MOA system and truer rangefinding would be nice. The 20 MOA mount on top of the Sadlak makes for a challenging cheek weld solution -- that's a whole 'nother animal.

This scope will only be used on .308, the build and optics are pretty good so for the $450 price tag I'm happy, I didn't get to play with the parallax setting yet.

Nikon cust service is as convoluted as any, just try to find a manual for the BDC 800, three extended calls and a few emails... nothing yet.

FYI: The 40mm objective with the Sadlak let me use the irons if I want/need to.

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