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Originally Posted by ColdDeadHands1 View Post
Moisture from your compressor glomming up the blast media inside the suction hose (the one connectd to the nozzle in the cabinet. I have this problem with mine blasting with a hot compressor in a cold garage.
It doesn't even need to be in a cold room.

Originally Posted by Chosen_1 View Post
It's brand new, and this problem occurred on the first use. I believe based on some postings here that it is due to an obstruction in the regulator, hopefully I can get it functional this weekend.

Brand new or not, what happens when you compress something? It creates heat. Well guess what's in air? Water. I'm not saying that's your specific problem but unless you run some type of water filter set up, your going to start blowing oily water through your blast media.
When I designed the air system at Valkyrie I ran 48feet of pipe before my first take off. I had 3 and it terminated at the blast/paint outlet. I had a water filter 10feet after the tank and on every take off. I still had water coming through all the take offs except for the blaster/paint outlet. That had a 3 stage water seperator, coalesing filter, and a dessicant dehumidifier at the outlet I used for piant and blast air.
I figured the finish is what people really see and blasting oily wet media wasn't the best way to go about getting a good finish.
When you get the flow figured out, get a filter set up.
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