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Someone mentioned wanting a critique of the actual location. I think that's an outstanding idea.

Note: The map is pretty much drawn to scale. I.e. the river really is about that much distance from the road/ property/ mountains, etc.

Situation Report
1) The area is medium wooded at elevation of ~2-3k feet.
2) The homestead sits 3klicks down a paved road from the main road. Marked with the red X.
3) There is a clearing of approximately 500m x 250m in the back of the home for a scenic view. Approximately 2klicks east are the mountains.
4) There are multiple neighbors off this road on other little roads (marked as squares).
5) The are seasonal creeks due north and south of the property. Running down from the mountains.
6) Between the property and the mountains, there is a road that ends in the forest. Not sure of it's purpose or use?
7) There is a minor 2-lane highway marked in orange. This is the main access into the area.
8) There is a river due west of the property; this river feeds into a large lake due W and SW. I'm not sure which way the river flows. Or if the lake and/or river freeze during the winter.
9) There is a general aviation airport.
10) Circling the lake are many seasonal resort-type homes.
11) The mountain range is continuous for 30-40 miles running NW/SE with elevation ranging from 4-6.5k feet.
12) This location has 4-seasons!

Initial Thoughts
A) At first glance, my thinking is that folks could hike down that backroad for easy access to the rear of the property.
B) Also, without having been up to the mountains there, those creeks could provide access through the mountains. I would need to check them out.
C) The clearing in the back is great for observation....although it's the SIDES of that clearing I'm worried about. How can I defend or create barriers in wooded/ forested areas? Fockers could creep right up onto of us it seems.

>>>> D) I have been told that if raiders were coming, the expectation is they would be coming from the south (more populated cities in that direction) <<<<<

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