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You guys make very good points. Being that this is a discussion to flesh out good and better points in fluid conditions, we should hold ourselves to the ideal that

1) Everything changes at the point of contact
2) Nothing goes according to plan

WE may plan to rely on IR lasers, armored lookouts, familiarity of terrain, friends and family coming to aid but it is reality that the aggressor dictates the time and place of attack.

What's that saying? United we stand, divided we fall? It's a safe assumption that raiders are not going to attack at the strongest or most obvious points. Though the bridge may be out or blocked, they will ford a river or find a path through the mountains. Snipe the changing of the guard. Set fire to the forest abutting the community then attack at the flanks. Attack at night during heavy snowfall.

I think Rawles had a great point when he painted raiders in a future SHTF/TEOWAWKI scenario as: 3 individuals, some w/ military training, at least 1 scoped rifle, and operating as a small wolfpack. By the time they make it to you (6 months, 9 months, 12 months), they are desperate, hardened, and lethal.

Biggest emphasis on desperate.

There can only be an organized response to this organized raiding.
I want to have every advantage I can humanly think of -here- before I meet these men in the night.
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