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So is the area between the RVs and the firing line, the berm that lower profile vehicles might have a problem with? It seems like, looking at this picture, most were able to make it up there (or had a REALLY long walk )
CSA's little car was loaded with so much gear that we had the suspension completely compressed down and we not only made it up the hill, we went off the trail to pass a truck that had troubles figuring out where to go. The camp area to the shooting line is much closer than this photo makes it look. No one has gotten stuck that I know of after 3 events.

Don't forget weights for your canopies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With all this "gun control" talk, I've not heard one politician say how they plan on taking guns from criminals, just law abiding Citizens.

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5 guys, hot damn thats some good eat'n.
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damn, i duped my own thread...first time i did a poll
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