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It simply comes down to two thoughs do you want to be light and mobile or heavy armor and defendable. The light and mobile works fine if your mobile. If you have a fixed location then you want to be able to defend. History alone has taught that when you have movng raiders from disasters concealment works poorly because they are raiding anyhing that looks worth whie. In ww2 when whole towns were driven out and the people forced to fend for themselves they raided every farm withinn miles because they were starving and what they couldnt take with them they broke. The more resistance you give the the more they will leave you alone. Even organnized raiders will be significantly weeker than you because they have had to scrounge while you were prepared and should have thousands of rounds of ammo as well as working knowlage of the area. Look at afghanistan no ocupieing force has been sucessful for over 2000 years including us! If you stand you ground and have a secret way out then you should be fine. Just make sure to have IR and you can spot their snipers also get the counter sniper scaner. Forget what its called but it is able to see the scoupe of a sniper rifle. Their pricey though lol
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