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Originally Posted by Mr. Gillious View Post
I'm down for the los altos meet. however i'm not so down for the jackson arms meet because of my ammo stash. I'm trying to conserve my 9mm, 9x18, 40sw, 357 sig, and especially 45ACP. i am really low on pistol ammo it's embarassing. I've got plenty of 7.62x54R and i just wanna plink containers at 100 yards. I can load my truck up with empty gallon containers i get from work.

Oh yeah, and if someone can be so kind if this shooting meet happens, please help me gather brass because I just inherited a Lee Pro 1000 press and I wanna get into reloading.
This is exactly why I would love to get together with other Bay Area Calgunners. My last trip to Jackson Arms, old filipino lady spent an hour policing spent brass while her group kept blasting away.

As for Los Altos, I don't personally have any long rifles and indoor ranges are ok for me. Is there anyone willing help me plan out a Bay Area meet for those who would rather do a Los Altos meet?

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