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Originally Posted by bigguns85 View Post
In a SHTF scenerio wounds will become fatal esecially if done right. The raiders will not have any airlifts to get them medical treatment and if they did they are already too big a force for you to handle. Boobietraps are used as a buffer zone far from your property you shouldnt use it if you have a small property If you want concealment.
Why would you want to place booby traps "far from your property"?? Why risk injury to someone that might have been just peaceably passing through the area??

Plus why possibly peak the interest of that force that was "too big for you to handle" and get them to start looking around for why someone bothered to set a booby trap at all?

Thats the military thinking behind the 5.56 nato it often doesn't kill but wounds and then that guy needs medical help and you shoot the guy who trys to help him. As my brother taught me(a marine) shoot them in the pelvis it breaks their bones and they cant walk and when their budy comes to help him shoot that guy too lol.
Wrong, the 5.56 was adopted not an it's ability to wound but on now recognized as incorrect assumptions that in the ballistics world 1+3 (small bullet traveling fast) will give the same terminal affect as 2+2 (larger bullet traveling slower). While the math comes out the same the end result is noticeably different with the bigger bullet. Which is why the military has spent so much money trying to crutch the 5.56 into something closer to 7.62 by increasing the round from 55gr to 62 to 69 to 75 to 77 and now to a-not-a-HP-HP. To say nothing of equipping some units with 6.5G and 6.8SPC rounds and reissuing every M14 it can pull out of storage.

Also armies have been shooting to wound for much longer then the 5.56 has been in use.

As a former Marine Gunny myself your brother should have told you that "Marine" is ALWAYS capitalized.

Remeber a SHTF scenerio is a war of attrition not an all out war.
NO a SHTF situation is a SURVIVAL situation and NOT a war at all, despite what the movies (and inflated egos) would have people believe.
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