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Originally Posted by KevinB View Post
And I will be protecting my home and family. So will my neighbors. Nothing is more important to us than our family's.

Freezing in the winter and deadly hot and summer. Your gallon camel back and will last you a couple of days at best and the 300 rounds of ammo you started with is dwindling and you buddy you started with bled out about a hour ago.

It seems like you are being shot at from several angles now and someone is very effective with large rifle night or day from the second story of the building you are tasked to take. Both assaults on the main building, one during the day and 11pm attack resulted in a several casualty's and retreat before getting within 200 meters. It seems they are fighting for their very lives.

You have heard several trucks coming up on you left flank and have not seen anyone in your unit in the last 40 minutes.

They seem to know everywhere you choose to hide. They are closing fast. You take a round low and you go down. Someone is standing over you, A flash and your dead like the rest of your like.

Do you really think that a effective large force is going to just roll up and surround a large family compound. What will happen is the second you get close to our town they will encounter impassable roads and people trying to kill them. We like playing cowboys and idiots.
Having family and close friends sharing the same ideology makes you much stronger, not only the higher #'s / larger area to live off,but you are all on the same page mentally.
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