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Originally Posted by bigguns85 View Post
I forgot to mention the best way to defend a position is to harden the position. Make a multlayered defensive structure. If one position is compramised or close to it fall back to the next spot. Make sure that all the entrances to it are chocke points. One way the Japanise were able to defend from invasion so well was how their castles were desigend this way from invading sameri. You could have ports to shoot out of for your cover but as you retreat close them so they cant use them. This forces the to get slaugtered. I also recomend getting dragons teeth. These are used to stop tanks. This will prevent them from being able to use any vehicles or tanks they have gotten along their raiding partys. A good way to make them cheep is rebar them with your own homemade cement. A good minumum size is four feet high and at least three feet wide. If you want to go over kill with the dragonsteeth use a fence post to have it ancored in the ground. If you want a hardned structure you need to think castle and make sure everything is fire proof.
This is static thinking.

The trouble with a fixed position is that it works both ways. The bad guys cant get in-but you can't get out, either.

Siege warfare was a popular strategy in the distant past for a reason. You can't live in a sealed bunker forever. At some point you WILL exhaust your resources. It may take weeks or months, but the bad guys have the time. They can set up camp and re-supply as needed. You as the defender don't have that luxury. Once you run out of stores , game over. Your only option then is to starve in your fortress or surrender to your killers.

So, if you intend on defending the space you'll need a plan for actively counter-attacking whoever's trying to assault the place. That may not be possible in a situation where 10+ people are going against a family of 4.
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