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Originally Posted by chickenfried View Post
As long as it doesn't appear their target hangers, walls, or roof are in any danger ,should have no problems doing that.

No way, I don't believe you!

I have shot my 1911 and CZ there and had 5 ten rounders for the cz and 4 for the 1911. I also had my 1022 and my mossberg 12. Me and my brother were shooting and i remember rapid firing 2 10 round 1911 mags and the 1022 and then 6 rounds of 12G and then one of the workers came in and was like "There's no rapid fire. You can't rapid fire".

and i was like "but it says you can in the lobby 'rapid fire only center mass 7 yards" (or so?)

and he was like, "no, you can't do that here"

lol i didn't want to argue but that ruined my night a lil.

If JA is TRULY a rapid fire place i would go there right now this instant and rapid fire:

-4 eight round 1911 mags, 4 10 round 1911 mags, 2 seven round 1911 mags
-6 cz75 10 round mags
-2 6 round polish p64 mags
-10 ten round glock 17 mags
-9 ten round glock 23 mags
-4 ten round ruger mkIII mags
-5 rounds thru my NAA mini LOL!
-6 rounds thru my 44 mag

I have NEVER hit the hangar or ceiling or walls or floor!

I should ask them if i can rapid fire like that
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