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If you wanna make a "shoot and meet" i don't think jackson arms is one of the best places. You're limited to what you can shoot and it gets busy crowded over there. i like the idea but i really just don't think it's a good place to shoot at as a group. I really love that you can rapid fire at large targets center mass, but it's not like you can go boom 10x, then drop a mag and pop one in and go boom 10x more with your 1911 or glock, because if you do expect a tap on your shoulder with an employee saying, "you need to shoot slower". you can get away with rapid fire with any 22 but when they hear .380 and beyond they always get concerned.

Not enough lanes either. Just my $0.02

A group shoot would be nice for bay area folks and i would definitely go to it.

I say we meet up at Los Altos Rod n Gun club.

Now, I know it may be far for some folk, BUT you will not regret the travel for this hidden gem.

-Their safety crew is WAAAY nicer than Chabot gun club's
-100 yard, 50 yard, rifle range
-100 yard and 40 yard plinking range
-Pistol range
-Trap range
-$15 for the whole day
-Fresh outdoor air all day
-In sunny los altos

What i love about Los Altos R&G is that the "cease fires" go by pretty quick and fast because of the range safety officer's communication to the guy above watching everything. it's cease fire, check the guns, walk down range and change targets, come back, and before you know it's "you may walk to the bench and commence shooting". long ceasefire periods at chabot annoy the hell outta me. I swear one time i smoked 2 cigarettes during one ceasefire at chabot
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