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Here you go. Hope this meets the criteria for "not wasting your time"

Stack on cabinets are certified as lock boxes not gun safes. Lock boxes are a separate portion of the affidavit and only good for 30 days.

Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
No - the Stack-on boxes are, afaik, not UL-RSC rated - they're just certified to the state as meeting the standards for a 'lock box', which are NOT the standards for a 'safe' you found at

A 'lock box' is defined as "“Lock box” means an FSD that fully contains and encloses the firearm(s)."

The standards for an FSD - Firearms Safety Device - are That's what the Stack-on models (or all of them of which I am aware) meet.

The Liberty and Fort Knox and Amsec folks don't submit their devices to the state for testing; often they submit them to Underwriters Laboratories to get a UL certification for safes or for Residential Security Containers - which the state says satisfies the requirement for safes.

And you NEVER have to keep a gun in a safe or lock box, or keep a 'safety device' on it. There are a few circumstances where negligently allowing a minor to take a gun would give you problems, but if you choose to carry your handgun in a holster on your belt while you are at home, that, too, would ordinarily prevent unauthorized access to your gun - no 'safety device' required.
From the CODJ Website

When must a lock box affidavit be completed?

An affidavit is not needed if (1) the lock box is purchased at the same time as the firearm or (2) the firearm is delivered within 30 days of the date on the lock box receipt and the lock box is presented at the time of delivery. For subsequent purchases, the recipient must sign a lock box affidavit and provide a receipt for the lock box; however in this case the date of the receipt does not matter and the lock box does not need to be presented.

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