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If the regulator is setup to flow 4.7 CFM, it might have a pretty small metering hole that restricts the flow so you don't run the tank down too fast.
Get another regulator that is happy flowing 20CFM or more and mount that regulator directly to the tank.
Run the regulator at 80-90 psi to make your120psi tank last a few seconds longer.
Go to a 5 or 10ft long 1/2" hose between the regulator and the blaster.

Put a smaller nozzle in the gun.
With 4.7 CFM, you want to be using about a 1/8" nozzle where the air picks up the media.

I have a 5hp 80 gallon compressor and it works my compressor pretty hard running the 1/4" carbide nozzle I have in my blast gun.
I run a 3/4" regulator right off the side of my tank that is rated for 200CFM.
I run a 5ft 1/2" hose to my foot pedal.
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