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We are getting close to our event and at this point I would like to bring this thread into a fast track mode.

I've received numerous PMs, emails and phone calls from fellow members volunteering their time, skills, equipment, food and what not to our massive annual event, the interest and response are overwhelming, thank you so much.

Last year our firing line was more than 200 yds. long, 65 canopies and more than 200 shooters strong, congregating members from all over the state and fellow brothers from NV, AZ and TX; Big bores were present along with belt feds and all kind of different gun platforms, of course,..... the line was open day and night during the weekend.

As stated before this is a 100% Family oriented event, I love to see our fellow members, families and friends get together, have fun, make new friends and specially, enjoy our land and freedom in a safe and responsible environment.

Our event is open and welcomes every single law abiding citizen, LEO and Military members in our state.

This year directors, CGN C3 leadears, coordinators,specialists and members along with moderators will be there for all of us in a combine effort to have a great event.

That being said and since we are a big family I would like to ask for volunteers/commitment in the follow:


This year, our fellow CGSSA director Mr. Sean Casey will be our Master Range Officer assisted by our beloved moderator "retired".

Are you a LEO, Military (active or ret.)? Do you have experience as a RSO? would you like to volunteer?, please post your interest in the thread or send me a private PM.


Are you a Doc., Med., EMT??

Do you have First aid skills, equipment, vehicles, etc. that you would like to volunteer?

Please post your interest to help in this thread.


Would you like to bring that CA legal item and let the family admire it and have some fun??


We are going to need radios, cell phones with good reception, PA/bull horns, air horns, SAT,etc.

Would you like to bring and/or volunteer equipment?

Multi media/ Photography.

So far our C3 professionals and good friend "Yugo" have volunteered their equipment one more time for our event graphic report/coverage and mandatory Zombie movie ( the out door surround sound system and big.a..s screen are amazing...!!!!).

Do you have equipment and/or skills to volunteer?

Food and Pot luck.


This is a family gathering.

Do you have a propane BBQ ( not charcoal)?, would you like to share some food with our great family??

Don't be shy and open your heart.

Night shoot.

Do you have generators, extension cords, flood light towers, lasers, fluorescent targets, pointers, etc?.

Off road vehicles.

Our targets goes as far as 600 yds, would you like to bring your toys and help the transportation a little bit?

Please check your tag's colors.

Campground and pit fires.

Are you planning to spend the weekend with us?

Please post if you are bringing a motor home, trailer, toy hauler, wagon, tent, etc., so we can organize the campground and overnight hang out.


Do you have portable facilities?, out house, tents, etc??

I know I'm missing quite a few things here so, help me out if you would.

Looking forward to another great event.


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