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Originally Posted by CessnaDriver View Post
Right now I would say any woman showing up to any public meetings in support of the 2nd amendment is worth five times that of the presence of a male. The face of the gun owner is and has been changing and the antis are going to fight to keep that from coming to light as much as possible. So just stepping in to say... Get your faces seen by those in power.


Yet even some of the most ardent female gun enthusiasts said the industry had made a misstep in concluding that all women shooters like pink.
It's funny how the color of a gun makes it seem more or less menacing. My AR is woodland camo with a 24" barrel, and most non-gun people can't tell that it's an AR-15 (even after all the recent negative publicity). So imagine what one would think of one of these:

Universal truth is not measured in mass appeal

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