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Greg will be on bay 4 this Saturday.

If you are a multigunner, please try to arrive around 0830 to 0845 to give him a hand setting-up. The more people there are, the less each one will have to do, and the faster it will be set-up.

Keep in mind that the stage "may possibly" be converted to a pistol stage for Sunday's if you stick around to give Greg a hand setting-up, I'll make sure you are taken care of. (Or he will hook you up).

Let me be clear: If you are helping to set-up the multigun is your reasonable duty. We are here for YOU, so we appreciate the help (and input) in doing so.

But if you help to set-up, tear down, and then help Greg to build a stage for the next day...THEN I will hook y'all up. Going "above and beyond" is rewardable. (We reward hard work...but are not like Obama, and just give things out cuz you expect it).

Thanks, shooters.

Have a safe practice, and I will see y'all next month. Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.

In Christ: Raymond
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