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Originally Posted by madoka View Post
I can't begin to imagine how I would convince them to do a store transfer. The salespeople are very reluctant to even order something from the warehouse. Whenever I've asked about a gun from another store, they would immediately reply that it is not available and then turn their back and just walk away from me.
This is xactly why some turners have bad rapps due to customer service, luckily my local turners is 5 minutes away, and have great customer service. These past couple months with the craziness, Iv heard and spoken to people about their whereabouts and finding out some come the distance to purchase a firearm only because there local turners are a bunch of a-holes. Even with crowds standing waiting for service, they're still able to answer phones and help out with respectful timely matter. For me customer service is big in my books, to a point sometimes I'll pay a few extra bucks. If you can't get them to actually try, it's time for you to spend your money else where.
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