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Operation: DAAAAAMN Help Me Drink This Beer!

Proposed FRAGO follows:

Location - Same AO as orginating Meet, greet and BBQ.

Time - Sunday evenings, 6pm, just in time for Walking Dead/Game of Thrones? Recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, as allowed.

Additional Assets - Food optional, lime is necessary for all that !@#% Corona.
Beer and brats and burgers are the easiest, and there's a small group capacity for kitchen prep for food, if larger group support deemed necessary, will require higher level authorization to requisition grill assets.

Highly Desired/Bonus: LADIES, in BIKINIS! (Hey a guy can dream). Not required, but if you're listening, God? Ah well. @#$! it, beer nite is on if you guys are up for it.
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