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ArmoredRunner - I am a loan officer. And I wasn't asking if it makes sense for me to refinance or not. This thread was intended for Calguns members to ask us if it makes sense or not for them to refinance based on their current situation.

A lot of factors affect what rate and loan options are available to each applicant. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, sometimes it does. I'm here to make it easier for Calguns members to figure out.
Official Calguns Vendor for Real Estate & Home Loans; building reputation of good deals, honesty and supporting the Calguns community. Pm me for your Real Estate needs.

Attention Marines! (and military friendly employers); I'm the new OC rep for, looking to connect transitioning Marines to civilian opportunities; employment, education, etc. PM me if you are a Marine in need, or if you have an opportunity for military members.
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