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Originally Posted by RangerRoy View Post
Thanks for answering my questions. I'm using your answer to decide whether to buy from you guys. I wouldn't post as you did though about " Try calling Rohg" I have called them several times and they do answer. The times that they didn't, I get a return call the next day. I probably won't be throwing a company under the bus when they allowed you to buy from them in bulk and resell them at prices higher than what they are selling them for.
We payed the same price everyone else did. No throwing under the bus.They always were helpful, just busy as heck like others trying to keep up.Its hard if not impossible getting accounts and bulk buy's in these times. Sorry you had a hard time/long wait getting your answers you were asking. Just like everyone we are trying to respond as soon as we can. Hope we Get a chance to help you out.

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