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Sorry guys been really busy in the store and haven't checked this particular post. Most of the rogh lowers we sold were all checked prior to purchase. We have had 2 so far have a issue. But gabe spent 30 sec. And fixed it. One was after 2000 rounds on the complete rohg upper and lower. And that guy called us to ask if we had any issues with any others. I told him if the lower was not fixable i would replace it with our new cnc 80% lowers we have coming.Also if gabe charged him to fix it I would pay for it. There was no charge and customer is happy.
The other customer had A tight mag well that needed to be filed and he did it him self. After he emailed the issue I offered to send him a few 30 round rebuild kits for his time.
Ranger " If I didn't answer all your questions feel free to pm or please repost.
Also $ 130 you got them cheaper then me, must of got them before the price went up.

We are not selling rohg due to finding a better product and same cost.
There are all cnc'd lowers that we carry now.
They will be in on Tuesday hopefully or Wednesday. Most are spoken for but you can call in and check.
We are doing our best to keep stuff in stock and get parts out there to you guys. We spend hrs.and hrs. Looking for stuff that no one has in stock. Like our 30 round rebuild kits for $$ 22.00

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