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Default BLM Steele Peak Shooting Site

For you shotgun shooters here in Riverside...Bullseye Gun Shop on Brockton Avenue is now carrying the White Flyers....$13.99 + tax for 135 birds. The grandson and I was out there twice in the past 2 weeks and I can't for the life of me understand why fellow gunshot shooters are NOT picking up their hulls. If your friends or neighbors are using this site, just REMIND THEM THAT THEY NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT THEIR HULLS AND TARGETS ARE PICKED UP AND TAKEN WITH THEM WHEN THEY LEAVE. Those BLM Rangers will tell the responsible "wheels" down at Palm Springs that the personnel that utilize Steel Peak don't give a good rat's a___ and we will lose a great site for all of us. 2nd Thing....why would anyone want to take glass bottles and shoot and leave the broken glass? With those "ruts" getting deeper going "up the hill"...we notice that alot of guys aren't going up and over the hill and that's getting to be the worst area and the first area the BLM Rangers and others from the road see. I would bet the farm that the members next door at Maywood Gun Club wouldn't feel bad about this site getting closed down with the debris blowing on their property when the Santa Ana's kick up/in. I told Dylan down at Bullseye Gun Shop after he mentioned that he and his buddies were going out and I told him "Dylan, make sure that you guys clean up" and he appears to be a responsible young man and I'm sure that Bullseye tells other{s} about the Steel Peak to shoot after they purchase their firearms from that store. I would do the same...we just need to make sure that our friends and/neighbors that utilize this BLM site that its not the CITY DUMP and want to keep it open for all of hard is it to take a frickin' rake, trash bag/33 gallon trash can and pick up your "empties"? The grandson is 14 now and he will ask me "Grandpa, why do you always insist on us cleaning up for others" and I remind him "remember when we were members across the road at the Rockpile and how it got closed down for Code Violations". It won't be Code will be the BLM Rangers who will report back to Palm Springs offices that they are tired of policing the area and yet it continued to be a eye sore and it will get CLOSED...I for one don't want to be driving out to the desert to shoot the clay pigeons. Hell! I don't even know another site to shoot"...

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