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I was out there yesterday. After shooting a little I worked my mag-sweeper over a couple of turnouts, picking up steel casing, etc. I also did a little raking too. Took home a 4 gal bucket full of steel casings and shotgun hulls.

I was actually pissed off seeing all the glass that stupid #$%^'s are shooting. I'm going to assume that CG'rs aren't the one's doing this stupid crap. Everyone needs to pick up their damn shotgun hulls too. Glass and empty hulls are the first things that catch the eye due to their reflectiveness and colors. At least hulls can be picked up with a mag-sweeper although they're a pain due to size...but glass is a nightmare to clean up.

The whole situation, and the types of people that cause the closures just piss me off. Lazy, inconsiderate, selfish POS's.

I'll try to make it out Sunday but no guarantee's. Any 'start' time you all are meeting out there?