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Originally Posted by Ishooter View Post
Did I read that letter right? It's a crime to transfer a firearm to any person without DROS. It tries to scare you hoping you don't know the law. For a private transfer, you don't need to go through DROS. Well, but it says "with a few exceptions"..., that's to cover their butts in case someone stands up and tells they're wrong. And the term firearm? It doesn't include C&R or any vintage guns.
HOLD UP! Did I just read your response to this letter right ? other than parent to child exemption ALL firearms trades/sales in Kalifornia require an FFL to perform a DROS. Unless I'm wrong somehow and I'm pretty sure there's a 10 day wait on anything thats not C&R as well......

(again except parent/child transfers of long guns. (until 2014)
Handguns you still have to send in a form to the DOJ and a small $19 fee)
You don't blame cars for speeding or D.U.I's yet you put the most unqualified people behind the wheel!
Then you blame guns for senseless acts of violence and prohibit the most qualified people from owning them?
My keyboard is at fault for all typographical errors so flame the keyboard not me.

P.S come for my guns I F****** dare you
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