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My oh my Mila...
Oh, anyway, I'm a tech kind of guy. And though I can accept that the real differential capabilities of the Kriss are diminished with a long barrel and a semi-switch only, it has to be so that a design to diminish recoil is a good thing. Not as much as in a handheld, but still a good thing.
I own an MP5 clone (ATI) which likely will become valuable over time as well as it being a great shooter due to the roller lock device. But it's the AT94 model. Sort of the MP5 equivalent of the Kriss carbine. But it's still all good. And when the 9mm Kriss debut's, I'll be getting in line for it.
Yes, if I leave the state I'll be able to improve it, but for me, a PCC (pistol caliber carbine) makes a lot of sense for HD (though a pistol might be yet better).
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