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I was out there today as well as last Friday.

There is 5hit everywhere.

There was a lady ranger out putting "trail Closed" signs up on the off shoots from the main road.

I picked up some extra crap today and would be happy to do it again with more people.

I have a grey F250 with a white alpinestar sticker on the rear window.

This weekend is supposed to be nice and I would be willing to come out and help clean. The trails are getting pretty rutted but my 2wd gets up them just fine.

I seat 6 including the driver so if anyone wants to start an un-official clean up this weekend, I'll buy trash bags and can get people in if they only have cars.

I did see signs of people raking up their stuff, but the shotgun shells are out of control.

Sorry, dont have GPS coordinates but can lead they way if we clean up.

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