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Originally Posted by richieneal View Post
Dude i'm sorry, i wasn't fishing, i had a legit're just reading into my post- it doesn't state anywhere i want to sell it to you or in your forum. Figured you are the ones doing the loading and buying the materials and could give an honest answer. .... i dont care if you're a "senior member" you've only been on Calguns 3 months longer than me so calm down! You've got serious 3 paragraph reply issues... I'm sorry my post casued you grief..rant on my brother..

YOU sir may very well have had no intent or tried to sneak it in, but there are many that have and there are many that are still trying. We get them all the time and it is only a matter of time before they get squashed. I do not know you and I doubt that many here do so I profile.

Here is what I can tell you about YOU. You came here and asked a similar question back in November 2010. I do not know what the environment was like around then but I do not recall too much real life crap going on. Nobody told you that this was probably not the proper forum to ask that question and it was probably not a problem at the time. Now you have come back and asked again. (to see if prices have changed?) Although you do not seem like the guy that wants to sling his threads all over and not give a damn about where he posts, you do admit that you DO wanna get rid of it (sell).

No need to apologize, just go put your question in the marketplace forum. Ask for what you think is a fair price. Too many OTHER people come here to try to sell us their stuff. You just happen to look like one of them this time.

I am sure a mod will tell you something close to this. This is an AMMO and RELOADING forum, not a PRICE ESTIMATION forum and certainly not the ANTIQUE ROADSHOW forum...

(you see that? what I did there...)

I hope that is a better explanation.
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