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Originally Posted by sh1nk3n View Post
This was attempted fraud. The fraudster is insistent that you give him your Paypal email address so he can send you a Paypal Transfer. He then sends you a phishing email that appears to be from Paypal that asks you to log in, and if you click through and log in, the fraudster then has your email address and your password. He then logs into Paypal using your login information and buys himself something nice. With your money.
If anyone falls for those phishing emails, they deserve to get scammed.

When you get an email from paypal, open a new tab or window in your internet browser and go directly to Login from the home page and check your activity.

Someone once tried to scam me from craigslist using a spoofed paypal that claimed I got a payment. I verify this against my paypal records online and found no incoming money.
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