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Originally Posted by Jacfourteen View Post
I've seem some threads about the ammo availability in Walmarts in the east bay and down south so I figured that i would start one for us up a little father north. I check stores in Chico and Oroville almost daily so I'll report what I find and anybody else is free to add their finds as well. I stopped by Oroville Walmart today around 9:00 am and they had about 10 50 round boxes of WWB IN 9mm they also had about 5 of the federal 100 round value packs of 9mm. They had a few other boxes of handgun ammo but it was the expensive sd ammo and i didn't really pay much attention. I don't shoot 9mm so this didn't help me out, but hopefully one of you guys can go get some of it!

I have been checking the ones in Yuba City, about 6 AM weekdays and the Woodland one about noon. No luck so far.
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