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Originally Posted by Bainter1212 View Post
Brother, $280 is WAY too much. $180 is much closer to the mark. M44s are WAY more common and less desireable than, say, the M38 carbine, and I have never seen one of those for more than $200. That is panic pricing, and panic pricing for those....well...I'll be nice and just say "people" who are so deluded, as to think that a bolt action Mosin is on some sort of ban list.
No, these prices were high before panic buying. Mosin carbines, save for chinese type 53s (which all look like they were left in the mud for a few decades), are nowhere to be found.

AIM surplus had a batch of m44s for about a day before they sold out, and those were at $180. Average price for an M44 right now is $250, M38 for $300. I haven't seen ANY M38s in stores for at least 4 years. I should've bought more at Big5 for $75 a decade ago, but hey, who knew? I should've bought $179 K31 pullbolts at big5 5 years ago. Now they're $300+

Now I know that every C&R will go up in value. If you think it's expensive now, it'll only be MORE expensive later. If anything, buy it as an investment.
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