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This may be a bit of a stretch but check the barrel screw in front of the trigger.

I recently purchased a SR22 and put about 3000 rounds through it without any problems. Then, one day I was getting failure to feed and ejects like crazy. No change in ammo that was running fine 3000 rounds prior. (CCI, Winchester Super X and Federal Bulk). I Tried maybe 4 magazines worth and couple not get any clean feeds/ejects. I decided to give the gun a good cleaning and when I popped the slide off the frame, the barrel came with it. Apparently at some point in the day the barrel screw came out and my barrel was free floating in the slide.

After some research on the web, it has been noted that some of the barrel screws were coming loose without the use of loctite. Unfortunately for me, I didn't catch it until after the screw was gone and lost.

I gave Ruger a call and the customer service agent was kind and fast to send me a new screw/washer. It seems she was familiar with the issue as I didn't have to do much explaining about the problem. First she asked what ammo I was using and even went so far as to recommend CCI stinger for future use. Once I let her know I was missing the screw entirely she asked if I wanted to send it in for repair, or for them to mail out the parts. She also mentioned that I should use a tiny bit of blue loctite. I made the call early on a Monday and the replacement parts were at my door on Thursday. Since then I've probably used another 1000 rounds and have had maybe 1 FTF and a a couple FTEs.
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