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When it comes to people coming into this forum ASKING us how much we are willing to pay for their brass/bullets/ammo/powder/ANYTHING there is nothing honest about it. They are fishing to make some money off us. The only proper way to curb this type of behavior is to meet them with posts telling them their actions are inappropriate for THIS forum. Would you rather come here and see a lot of posts about REAL reloading questions and links to where you can get components or would you rather see a bunch of posts of people looking to sell you their used items? THINK about it.

If people do not care to READ the titles and post in the appropriate forums, then they deserve whatever heat they get. If you pay any attention you will notice that MOST if not ALL of these posts come from people that never really contribute anything. They come here and sell and that is all they care to do. They don't care to get a participation medal unless it invloves them making money. Funny how we never really had this problem until recently, of course when those other panic times hit I was not really a member that was active here so I never noticed it. Does any of this make sense?

Seriously, how hard is it to type in ONCE FIRED BRASS into a search engine and see prices that it is being sold at? How hard is it to type that in at gunbroker and have a look?

It is indicative of a mentality that does not care that we have rules here. The individual that does that is either just a dick or is just being lazy. Oh sure, there MAY be some legitimate folks that are new and just got confused and saw RELOADING and AMMO and thought that this was the place since there are so many forums here (has that food forum been made yet?) but if they come here and start posting this crap all over the place and we (we as in those of us that contribute (junior or veteran posters) instead of trying to make a fast buck) don't say anything about it, they will come back and do it again and so will others. Should they get banned? Well, probably not for the FIRST offense, but since this is just the internetz then we can talk smack to them for doing so and if you seriously come here and post garbage (garbage as in crap that don't belong) and you get your feelings hurt because the forum guys thread crapped all over your post then maybe you do not belong here. Hey, at least it is just on the internetz... It aint like we are REALLY stopping in at their house and crapping all over their rooms and stuff, even though that is what they are essentially doing here. The nicer guys here that are not saying anything just choose to ignore it and they do not want to put themselves into a bad light. I do not blame them for that. I think for things like that, it is best to let the other meanies dish out the crap. I call a spade a spade and enjoy barking from time to time. Maybe in 20 years if reloading or guns is still around in Commiefornia then I can be a silent guy, but until then Imma self-appointed watchdog for this group.

I think I need to find another graphic that I can put words on to direct these noobs to gunbroker now...

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