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Originally Posted by Bainter1212 View Post
Brother, $280 is WAY too much. $180 is much closer to the mark. M44s are WAY more common and less desireable than, say, the M38 carbine, and I have never seen one of those for more than $200. That is panic pricing, and panic pricing for those....well...I'll be nice and just say "people" who are so deluded, as to think that a bolt action Mosin is on some sort of ban list.

I will buy every mosin you have at your pricing. Please PM me a list. I am not joking. Please point me in the durection of sub $200 m38's.

PS, If the 91/30 described is a big five replica sniper With a $80 can of ammo, thats the deal. Its a screamin deal. Please if you pass LMK where it is, Ill buy it and give you the ammo as a finders fee. Opinions dont buy guns, CASH does!
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