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Originally Posted by JDay View Post
On many APs/Routers disabling WPS does not secure you against the WPS pin attack. What you need to do is flash a 3rd party firmware such as dd-wrt that does not have WPS support built-in.
Unfortunately, an ISP supplied router such as in this case with AT&T Uverse CANNOT run ddwrt! Only certain makes and models of routers can run ddwrt, tomatoe, openwrt, etc.

Also, FYI --- average WEP can be hacked in about 5 minutes, average WPA takes about an hour, and WPA2 can be hacked but you need PLENTY of time, a fast PC, and determination! Most hackers will look for easier "prey".

Best protection is to use a long and complicated passkey (password) using a mix of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and special characters!
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